Getting Married While Pregnant: My Experience

Three months ago I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Two months before that, I married the love of my life and the father of my child. No, it wasn’t a shotgun wedding like many people would assume. We were already planning to get married and the pregnancy was a complete surprise to both of us since we’d taken precautions against getting pregnant.

Still, we were both happy even though it was very unexpected and it didn’t bring either of us down. My husband adores our daughter and the only regret I have is that she couldn’t be a cute little flower girl at the wedding. We often joke that we should have waited a bit longer. The hardest part of the wedding was finding the right dress among the many maternity wedding dresses that are available. I was honestly shocked when I went to my local stores and saw what they had to offer.

I know some people are against pregnancy before marriage and I’m sure those people designed the awful dresses as punishment for being pregnant on my wedding day. I was very discouraged and thought I’d have to spend a lot of money to get a custom made dress.

I decided to check online as a last resort, not having much hope. I was so relieved when I saw that the internet wasn’t filled with ugly maternity wedding dresses like my local stores. There were so many options of beautiful dresses that it was hard to choose just one. I was happy with the dress I did choose and the only thing I would change about my wedding day is the fact that I chose to wear very uncomfortable shoes. Tight shoes and swollen feet are not a good combination, ladies!